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So, I'd like to start doing commissions. I've never done one before, and my prices wouldn't be very expensive anyway.

If I get any takers I'd set up an account with Paypal and it'd go down like this:

Sketch/Line Art = $5.00 USD
Color = $10.00-15.00 USD depending

The person asking should PM me; I'll give them my e-mail address and then we'll go from there. I'll draw pretty much anything as long as it's within my realm of talent. I'm not great at drawing backgrounds and they take me a long time so I might charge a little extra for that. Same goes for machinery. I mainly like to focus on one or two people. I'll draw fanart or original art, but detailed descriptions are necessary. I will e-mail progress pictures so things may be corrected as I go.

For now commissions will be high resolution files, but as things progress I'll probably start thinking about prints.

Ah! So please consider me for commissions? I'm thinking the first person to ask can get a colored piece for sketch/line art price. :3
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December 14, 2008


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