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Yay, I joined the Zack/Cloud club here on DA. ^^

I'm working on a few FFVII-related things these days.…> Desert Garden

Angeal/Zack, Zack/Cloud, eventual Cloud/Tifa. YAOI. Fate brought them together and fate would pull them apart. If a flower can grow in the city of Midgar, then the memory of their lives and how they loved would live on as if a desert garden.

Come check it out if you're interested. :)

Winter break is almost here and I have some art projects I am in the middle of, so hopefully those will be up soonish.
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It's been a while, huh? Yeah, I don't draw very regularly, do I? D:

There will be a few things coming up in the nearish future though! I played through Crisis Core on the PSP and it reignited my UNDYING LOVE for Final Fantasy VII. LOL, dramatic much?

In case you want to read some fanfiction for Crisis Core:… corner.

I'm currently working on a fic. named "Desert Garden". It's Angeal/Zack and Zack/Cloud and I'd give a more detailed summary but it would be spoilery. Check it out if you're interested, thanks!~
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From now on, I'm going to save my art in high resolution before I resize so that I can make prints available in the DA Print Shop. I don't really expect anybody to bite, but I guess it can't hurt?

I'm back and I finally have a new computer that actually works and I even have a scanner (that finally works). This probably means that I'll be drawing more, and hopefully more people will stroll through here.
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